Vacuum Difficult To Fill

Sahitya Ramkumar with Srihari Garu
Vamsi Madhavi

More city dancers pay tribute to dance critic Gudipoodi Srihari

A well-known Journalist, a critic, straightforward in his approach.  He was a great critic for films and for performing Arts. Well respected for his scholarship. He will be dearly missed amongst the Art fraternity of Hyderabad. He left a great vacuum which cannot be filled easily.

  • Vamsi Madhavi, Bharatanatyam dancer

I have been one of the fortunate young dancers in Hyderabad to have interacted with Srihari garu….He always made an effort to sit through the entire show and write something special about it for the papers … but what I will miss more dearly are his little suggestions and advise on repertoire, performance and choice of pieces…he really loved watching the good old margams and that was my driving force to practice the longer, tougher and traditional pieces for shows he was to attend…..a warm and young person that he was at heart, we will all really miss him.

  • Sahitya Ramkumar, Bharatanatyam dancer

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