‘Jatayu Vadham’ Holds Audience Spell-bound

The Koodiyattam performance of ‘Jatayu Vadham’ had the audience on the edge of their seats at the end of the one-day national seminar held at the Gitam University, Hyderabad campus a day  after the Republic Day. The play began with a monologue by Ravana portrayed by Kalamandalam Charu Agaru, who addressed the implied Sita who was in tears, followed by the monologue by Jatayu, enacted by Kalamandalam Ramith Ramesh. The finale which involved the exchange and the fight between the two characters is a masterpiece in the Koodiyattam repertoire and was executed with mastery by the performers.

The drumming of the Mizhavu artists, Margi Mahesh and Kalamandalam Saji Kumar set the stage for the episode, Jatayu Vadham from Ascharyachoodamani that was presented. On the chutti/ make-up was Kalamandalam Dhagin.

Kalamandalam Charu Agaru, who played Ravana is an accomplished Koodiyattam artist and theatre practitioner, works as Faculty in the Vizag Campus of GITAM, and Kalamandalam Ramith Ramesh, who played Jatayu holds an international degree in theatre arts from ITI, Singapore, and is also a faculty in the Hyderabad campus of GITAM University.

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